Todd Barsness is a full-time, professional voice talent, serving clients all over the world. His style is clear and concise, offering high-quality audio messages that exude trust, confidence, and quality. Todd is available for a variety of projects and can turn around mastered audio files typically within 24 to 48 hours, thanks to his professional home studio. If you’ve been seeking a male voice-over talent who can meet your budget and provide top-notch communication from beginning to end, then your search is over. Contact Todd today!

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Todd is usually the one doing all the talking, but here’s what his clients have to say about his work.

I've hired Todd on several occasions to read voice over for my 3D animation projects. I've always found Todd to be great to work with, very thorough and committed to high quality work. He takes direction and critique really well and he's always enthusiastic when offered a job. However my views only go so far, the real measure of Todd's work is when I play portfolio samples with Todd's voice to my clients and without hesitation they say "we want this guy".Tony Sealy, Singapore Creative Director, Filmmaker, Technical 3D Animation, Executive Producer
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.     You are the best and you always go above and beyond for your clients....thanks for the options; it's a hard choice.....Always love your work.Britt Todd, Todd Company, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Arlington, TZ
As usual, you come through again. Thanks sooooo much! Paul Miller, President, Promedia Video Productions, Dayton, OH
You’re Awesome!!!!  Thanks Todd! Kathi Halvorsen, Spectrum Video & Film, Phoenix, AZ
Todd was accommodating, professional and sincere. He delivered projects with a sense of urgency and provided multiple versions for consideration. Not only does he take direction well, he was quick to offer suggestions based on his years of experience with media. His finished product is flawless and his strive for perfection is much appreciated.
Bobbi Snethen, Program Manager, Communications, American Red Cross
Todd is by far Big Media Company's first choice for Voice Talent. He is always quick with his turn around times and always delivers more than I expect. He is a one take wonder!Adam Bowen, Big Media Company, Cincinnati, OH
...we employed Todd for a corporate sales piece this past fall. His expediency and receptiveness are unmatched. The client was delighted with his range and I look forward to working with Todd again!JT McGinn, Director for Northern Pictures
Not only does Todd Barsness have a beautiful voice.  He has a warm, conversational style that adds credibility to any read.  He’s honest, sincere and eager to please.  His interpretation skills are great and he takes direction well.  Unlike many others, Todd has the unique ability to “mimic” the director when need be.  We recommend Todd Barsness every chance we get!    
 Bob Abella, Abella Audio Productions

We really appreciate your professionalism and super fast turnaround and amazing communication ability. You are really the gold standard for VO artists. Thank you!Adam Harley and Alan Kirschen, Future Hype Media, NY

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It comes without saying that Todd Barsness has a verbal way with words, but it’s not only his voice-over talent that he brings to a project. Having written, edited, produced, and voiced thousands of radio spots, Todd is able to offer a one-stop shop for your recording needs. Below is a sampling of the superior services Todd routinely delivers to his clients:

aq_block_3-Audio Production

Audio Production

In addition to his voice Todd provides clients with fully produced and mastered spots for radio, television, the web, and other specific projects, complete with music backgrounds and sound effects.

aq_block_3-Audio Editing:

Audio Editing:

Whether its spots for radio, TV, the web or audio books, you can trust Todd for all of your professional editing needs – he’s been editing for over three decades! If you have audio that needs to be edited by an expert, you’ve come to the right place!

aq_block_3-Rapid Revisions:

Rapid Revisions:

Todd understands the time pressures that clients are under. When revisions are requested, he responds and records typically within one hour of notice from the client.

aq_block_5-24- to 48-Hour Turnaround:

24- to 48-Hour Turnaround:

Todd’s professional in-home studio allows for an efficient recording process, with many clients receiving final audio files within 24 to 48 hours.

aq_block_5-Studio Versatility:

Studio Versatility:

To electronically record, edit, and master audio with skill, Todd’s professional home studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM 102 microphone, DBX 286A microphone processor, Avid MBox and Pro Tools, and Adobe Audition 3.O. He is able to format files specific to the client’s request, sending .wav, .aif, or .mp3 files via high speed internet.

aq_block_5-Extraordinary Customer Service:

Extraordinary Customer Service:

Serving people and making their lives easier are truly what Todd loves about his work. He is an amazing communicator both in front of a microphone and when working with his clients. He aims to promptly answer emails and phones, complete projects on time and on budget, and keep the client abreast of the project progress.




About Me

Todd Barsness

About Todd

While Todd Barsness has been a professional voice talent for more than 35 years, his career calling came at the young age of 10 years old. While at the main exhibit hall of the county fair, a local radio station was broadcasting live, and captured the attention and heart of an adolescent Todd. From that day forward, he began his informal communication training, reading out loud for hours and listening to late night Chicago DJs to mimic their styles.

Todd’s love of verbal communication later grew into a media career, including radio announcer, program director, and station manager. Focusing solely now on voice-over work, Todd is able to use his oral abilities to teach, train, inform, and inspire. He prides himself on being trustworthy, credible, warm, and believable, all descriptions clients use to describe not only Todd’s voice but also his character.

When Todd is not in the studio, you’ll find him with his wife of 32 years, Becki, and their six sons, ages 12 to 27. Despite his love for time with his large family, Todd is extremely accessible, responding to most inquiries within an hour of receiving. His dependable and hard-working nature shines with his clients, as Todd is eager to use his voice to help meet their teaching, training, and coaching needs.


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Todd Barsness is located in Madison, Wisconsin, where he records voice over work from his professional home studio and is available for you to direct over the phone as well. Need Todd working alongside a team of creative professionals? Two audio studios are located within minutes from his own studio, and Todd is within driving distance to the Milwaukee and Chicagoland area. Contact Todd Barsness today with any of your voice-over needs.