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November 28, 2014

Foundational VO Marketing Tip #1: Don’t Ever Take for Granted that People Will Remember You

Newsflash:  You are not the most important person in the voice over world.  There is a very good chance that most prospective clients won’t remember your marketing email or phone call.  And there may even be a chance that some of your clients will not remember you!

Ouch!  That harsh reality is a little hard to swallow for us VO talent, yet it is a critically vital thought to keep in mind when developing a marketing strategy.

The bottom line is this:  Your clients are busy with their own business and lives, and so, if you don’t consistently stay on their radar screen, they probably won’t remember you.

Now, this doesn’t mean that some clients won’t remember you.  Nor does this mean that you have a bad website, a poor demo, or even that your basic marketing strategy is wrongheaded.  It doesn’t mean that if this is a client you’ve done business with in the past, that you did a poor job.  If a client or potential client has forgotten you, it could mean all or some of these things, and that is certainly worthy to evaluate, but it might mean that they just forgot you in spite of your killer demo, website, and marketing plan.

This foundational marketing truth was driven home to me in a stark manner the other day when a client that had hired me about 18 months earlier called me on the phone to book me for a job.  Why is that so unusual, you ask?  Well, because the gentleman on the phone led off the conversation explaining who he was, where he was from,  the name of his company, etc., and then proceeded to ask me questions about who I was, how I worked, and so on, obviously proving that he had forgotten that we had done business with one another not that long ago.

And throughout the phone conversation, subsequent emails, and the project itself, he still didn’t realize that we had done business in the past.  In one sense it was kind of humorous, but in a greater sense it proves my point:  You must make regular marketing “touches” with potential clients and even clients if you are going to stay “top of mind.”  Like it or not, that’s just the way it is…with any company or product!

Now, nobody likes an over-the-top, pushy, in-your-face salesman so don’t go overboard.  However, gently reminding people of your services in a short, straightforward, simple, and unique way a few times a year won’t offend most of your clients or potential clients.  But what these regular touches will do is remind them that you are a serious player in the voice over industry and you can help them make their clients happy!

Foundational VO Marketing Tip #1:  Don’t Ever Take for Granted that People Will Remember You.

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