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February 17, 2015

Foundational VO Marketing Tip #2: Plan, Persist and Persevere

The shortened version of the famous Robert Burns poem says, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

This oft-quoted statement describes the futility of making detailed plans when the outcome is futile.

When I was young in my voice over career I was given the excellent advice that, just as important as a good marketing plan is, so is sticking to that plan for the long haul.  All the great planning in the world becomes nothing but an exercise in futility unless you persist and persevere in that plan!

Over the years I have heard of many voice over artists who had great talent, a killer demo and website, professional home studio, AND a great marketing plan, but who failed to make a living as a voice over talent, and who are now employed in some other business.  And the main reason they failed was not the fault of their plan, it was that they didn’t persist and persevere in that plan!

Again, all the planning in the world with even the most innovative marketing  strategies won’t keep a fulltime VO talent business alive if you don’t have persistence and perseverance.

Persistence and perseverance are similar terms yet they have slightly nuanced meanings.  Persistence means to keep at something with tenacity, while perseverance means to keep at something over the long haul.   And so we develop a great marketing plan that we tenaciously execute day after day, week after week, year after year.

The reason I have a successful, growing voice over business isn’t because I am the most talented person, I am not.  And it isn’t because I have the greatest demo or website.  They are both very good, but other VO artists probably have better.  And it is not because I use the highest tech and most expensive recording equipment and software – I don’t!  The reason I am enjoying success in my fulltime VO career is because I have a simple marketing plan that I believe in and I have doggedly worked at that plan for many years!

So remember Foundational VO Marketing Tip #2:  Plan, Persist and Persevere in your marketing plan!

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