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September 20, 2014

Voice Over Business Customer Service and Client Satisfaction: “Treat Each Client Like He’s Your Only Client!”

A few years ago I hired a man to do some marketing work for me. He was intelligent, articulate, and well-groomed.  He has a degree in marketing and he also has his own marketing company.  He had a great business plan, killer website, and he was using more social media than I knew existed.  I thought he would be just the right guy to help my voice over business prosper.

At first, he was very attentive and helpful. However, it wasn’t long until I began to feel like a bother to him.  He was preoccupied when we met, phone calls and emails went unanswered and he regularly reminded me that he was very busy with his other clients.

When it comes to your voice over business clients always remember: You can be a talented voice over talent, have a fantastic website, the best sound chain around, and a cutting edge marketing plan BUT if you don’t know how to make your clients believe they are the most important person in the world you will not be successful over the long haul.

Customer service and client satisfaction must remain your #1 priority if you are going to grow your voice over business year after year. “Treat each client like he’s your only client!”

I know that you have lots of clients…you better! And I know how crazy certain days can be – every client wants their VO yesterday.   Yet always remember:  “Treat each client like he’s your only client!”

Give it a try. It will make your clients feel like a million bucks, and in return, they will bring their business back to you time and time again.

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